Capitalism is Bad for Humans… July 29, 2018

There are no human concerns associated with the concept known as capitalism. The only concern is the bottom line… the profit margin.

The pressure to provide dividends for shareholders, or retain profits larger than warranted, tempts CEOs and business owners to “cut corners” on both safety and labor.

It behooves the business owner or CEO to do a job with the fewest workers, forcing the workers to work hastily, recklessly. In this way the most profit can be generated. Things go fine until either the building falls down or the car explodes.

It is in the interests of the business owner or CEO to use the cheapest materials available in manufacturing and building. The product only has to last long enough to let the manufacturer or builder claim it wasn’t their fault.

Airline and petroleum industry histories are filled with stories of disasters resulting from lax safety or material standards. Planes fall from the skies because of poor maintenance or substandard materials. Oil rigs sink due to corners cut to shave off costs.

The rich get richer, the poor poorer, because the bottom line, the dividends, are all that matter. The people that do the actual labor are paid a pittance and treated as if they were little more than slaves.

Business needs government intervention to make capitalism meet human needs rather than share holder needs. The world needs a Democratic Socialist government that cares for its people rather than uses them.

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