The Nazis Demonized the Jews…. August 19, 2018

To start… there has never been a patriarchy. There was a group of rich people that suppressed and controlled everyone, but… they were not all men… and they weren’t all white.

The KKK was a rebellion against those who sought to end slavery. It sought to demonize black people to make those black people seem inhuman, making it easier thereby to mistreat and subjugate them.

Gays have fought against imagined suppression for many decades, and have made strides in loosing their lifestyle onto a unwary public.

Feminism arose out of the suffragette groups, a legitimate fight to get the vote, which by the way, since women did not serve in the military, they did not deserve. Women now have all the rights men have, plus a few privileges men will never have. The fight should be over… there is not one right a man has that a woman does not… yet… they still exist.

The only reason feminism could possibly still exist is for the same reason the NAACP exists… a battle for power… a battle to subjugate men and rule the country. There is no other logical purpose for the continuation of such a hate group as NOW as well as feminism in general.

In Germany the Nazis demonized the Jews in order to organize the ranks behind them. They had to have an enemy. They gassed them by the millions.

In America, and other Western nations, feminists are demonizing men to solidify the ranks of the misfits that follow them. They need an enemy so as to retain power of their group. Who knows what their plans are for men.

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