The Most Heinous Humans That Ever Existed… April 24, 2018

The pro-life crowd, as often defined, is a heinous bunch.

I maintain that life is without value unless it has quality. The pro-life crowd does not believe in that.

By opposing abortion and euthanasia it is clear that the pro-life crowd is not interested in quality of life.

The pro-life crowd insists on every baby being born regardless of any circumstances whatsoever. If it costs the mother her life, so be it. If the baby has deformities or debilitations that prevent a normal life they are to be born regardless… regardless of its agonies, regardless of the financial burdens. If the fetus is a product of rape or incest the pro-life crowd insists that it be born. If it is conceived by an immature girl and boy, with no income or ability to care for the child,  it is to be born. “It can be put up for adoption” they cry. Yet, these same people do not step up to adopt or assume the financial obligation.

Why do they insist that every baby conceived be born? God’s will. The very same god that aborts babies all the time through miscarriage. The very same god that, Biblically, murdered thousands of babies through flood or other means. The same god that ordered soldiers to rip babies from their mother’s wombs.

On the other hand, the terminally ill enduring unbelievable agony, must at the insistence of these horrible excuses for human beings, remain alive until the moment they gasp their last. Euthanasia, a dignified ending to life, is denied.

I have more caring for life in my little finger than all of these misguided “conservative” “Christian” folk combined. Add to that my desire for a quality of life, a desire these people are either incapable of understanding or are simply unconcerned about. For them it’s all about adding numbers which they hope to be able to “bring to the lord” at some future time.

Imagine there is no religion… imagine a humanity that had never created it. I imagine that humanity would be more merciful and loving. There most certainly is no mercy or respect for life with religion. Remember: Hitler claimed to be Christian and his soldiers often carried the buckle exclaiming “Gott Mit Uns” on their belts.

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