Image Imagined, Image Seen… April, 29, 2018

Impressions, what is the image you have of yourself? Do others see you the way you imagine or want them to see you?

I have often thought of myself as a good and decent sort. Yet, I note, shady characters seem to have been attracted my way since I can remember.

When I believe I have acted admirably well, the reaction I have received from the people I know seems contradictory to what I expected.

If image is everything, then what am I? I really have lost that portrait I imagined of myself.

Good morality has been important to me. Yet, the people that seem more prone to communicate with me seem straight from Hell. Their language would shame a seasoned sailor. Their concepts of justice are twisted and evil.

My image of myself I would judge to be a repellent to such people, yet, time after time they appear.

Perhaps it would be better to have no communication, no friends, than to have to tolerate such lowlifes.  The human psyche, I am told, needs socializing. Do I really need such socializing as this?

They’re only human, perhaps I expect too much.

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