Detrimental Effects… April 22, 2018

The events that have occurred within the last year or so have had a profound effect upon me. The continuing attacks by both the feminist crowd and the #metoo campaign have changed me in a detrimental fashion. My happiness with the world is diminished by it.

With just a few exceptions, women are now looked upon as genderless automatons. I view them as I would a vending machine, or industrial robot. They may provide necessary services, but they are no longer individuals, they are AI driven mechanisms. This is a sad state. I no longer admire beauty, intellect, or personality of those women I do not know… they simply exist. I do not look at them, actually avoiding eye contact nor recognition that someone is standing there. I am insensitive to their needs, indifferent as I would be to the oil light coming on in a car. Just add oil.

The gynocentric nature of this country is clear to see. With hundreds of hospitals for women, and nary one for men.

When men commit suicide at a rate nearly five times that of women, but nothing is done except when it is noticed that women do commit suicide, you recognize that the nation only cares about its women.

When the Veterans Administration does not provide needed services, so a special arm of it is set up to assure that services are available for women, you recognize how this nation disdains its men.

When the Boy Scouts decide to admit girls, but the Girl Scouts remain all girls, and there is no outrage, you can see the bias clearly.

When in Florida, where men are unemployed to a higher degree than women but they have a women’s employment fair to which men are excluded, it can be seen clearly that something is amiss.

I swear to you, if I see a woman in distress that I do not know… I shall look the other way.

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