Imagine No ID…. April 15, 2018

The id may be an obsolete term, yet the subconscious mind exists. It seems so very inaccessible. It is the source of base impulses. Ideas, forms, images, sift upward from this primitive area of the mind often creating havoc. It exists in all humans. Although needed for “intuitive” insight in the pursuit of survival in primitive man, it is now the source of many undesirable behaviors. Impulses, desires, lust, all the “evils” railed against in religions and the reason humans have laws.

Modern humans cry against being inhibited. Yet, inhibitions are the only mechanism of control for the base impulses emanating from the ID. Many humans have adopted a “anything goes” attitude. Civilization cannot exist in the presence of an “anything goes” society.

Somehow the good things the subconscious does must be preserved while eliminating the bad. Perhaps, even, it may be time for that part of the mind to be eliminated in whole. Granted, any human without such an ID would be at a disadvantage if civilization crumbles. However, it may be the ID that is endangering civilization.

Imagine a civilization where the conscious mind is in control. One where you were aware of the “right thing” to do, and did it without reservation, without the temptation to take advantage. One where the desire to lie is eliminated. The need to lie absent. Little white lies might still be needed, as brute bluntness as in telling a homely person they are homely, would lessen civilized society. Imagine a society where doing the good thing, the right thing, was an everyday occurrence. Where people that had differences would sit and talk them out, rather than raising sword or gun. A society where the biggest most destructive weapon would be useless, and most likely would not exist. Where killing another human being becomes unthinkable, and never the solution. Where war is a thought which is foreign.

The ID… is it more trouble than it is worth?

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