Indifference As Self-Defense Mode

A blind eye to suffering, destruction, annihilation. Ignoring pleas of help for suffering, dying, expiring. If humans will not listen but instead march headlong into destruction why should I care? Even if their destruction leads to my own, why care, there’s nothing to be done, anyway.

Abandoning empathy, sympathy, and caring due to a deaf audience may be the only course left. No blame will be accepted for the crashing, bashing, lashing. The humans have created their own destruction, annihilation, extinction.

What is left?

Withdrawal from the public scene… a folding in, a concentration on self. An avoidance of social situations requiring caring. A bare existence without goal. A daily functioning without aim.

It wasn’t that I did not try… it was that they did not listen. They continued on undeterred. Now the course is set. All that is left is to watch the end. I have been rendered indifferent by an uncaring species. Now indifference is my only protection. This will set the tone for 2018

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