Presently… December 18, 2017

Perspectives depend too heavily on mood. Mood is too heavily dependent on the reception of outside information.

The present variables that have created the mosaic which is your existence may or may not change, yet the perspective with which you regard them is so fragile that even without change, just the reception of information that threatens the stability of your existence, peace of mind, the mood, dissolves and unhappiness, anxiety, results.

Nothing need happen in reality, yet, being told that some deep change is looming, is enough to destroy the tranquility.

Having read literature exhorting the virtues of living in the present, rather than worrying about the future, or dwelling in the past, what value is anxiety and worry if the circumstances under which your life is maintained have not yet altered.

Living in the moment is impossible, yet the ever moving present can be concentrated upon and felt. Noticing the surroundings, including the various sounds, smells, is a difficult task as your mind seems to endeavor to refer back, or worry forward. It is sometimes impossible to stay fixed on the present. It seems to take effort, energy to focus on the present. It can be done. Like a herky-jerky not so perfect showing of an old film, you find yourself drifting to the past or fretting of the future and must force yourself back to the present. Time seems malleable when viewed from this perspective, yet, it is fixed… or seems so when measured mechanically. Like water boiling, it seems longer when it is watched.

With the present attacks being made upon the most vulnerable of society in the United States by the GOP, who hold people in little regard, focusing on the present, and the fact that changes have not yet been made in my own present existence, is most difficult. Knowing that eventually all may come crashing down, and the end may follow soon after, is disturbing. Despite the fact that nothing has happened yet, anxiety levels in the people and in myself are noted. I must stay focused on the present.

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