The World Would, Could, Be A Better Place… December 17, 2017

The world would be a better place if not for the likes of people like Trump, Pence, and Ryan. Such people show such disdain for the rest of humanity that their absence would be a boon, instead of the bane it is. These excuses for human beings would rather grandma and grandpa were living in the streets or under a bridge. They would rather everyone labored in their factories until the flesh fell from their bones than be able to retire whole and healthy. Even upon retirement out of necessity these corrupted politicians would deprive them of healthcare in order to hurry them on their way to the grave.

The world would be a better place without governments like Iran, North Korea, and many others. It would be better without religion and narcissistic leaders. Willful ignorance prevails worldwide.

Capitalism promotes and serves greed. No purely capitalistic system should be permitted to exist, they are inhuman. Millionaires and billionaires should be eliminated worldwide. Why should one person drive a Mercedes when someone else starves. Democratic Socialism serves humanity better.

Petty racism should be fought heartily with action and education. Race is a purely fictional creation. Differences in culture is the real thing people react against. Everyone should be encouraged to contribute to the limits of their own abilities rather than ridiculed because of their shortcomings.

A worldwide minimum income should be established and maintained to lift everyone out of the debilitating throes of poverty.

Without a world government I realize that these goals will never transpire. It is clear, however, that humanity is not yet developed enough to leave behind the concepts of country and sovereignty. Must we reach a point of near obliteration to reach that goal?

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