Why Seek Relevance?

Does a rock on Mars seek relevance? Does it care? Has it sentience? Of course not. Then is it sentience that prompts a desire for relevance? What is relevance? Is it a desire that others take notice? Is it some need to be important in the scheme of things or others’ lives?

Despite its lack of relevance the rock on Mars continues to exist. It does not poof into a fine powder and dissipate in the thin but swiftly blowing winds of Mars. It is, it remains, it doesn’t care. It can’t care.

People seek relevance. It seems some sort of need perhaps born out of human socializing habits. An emptiness seems to occur when the realization that relevance has been lost. It appears to debilitate many leaving them paralyzed. It is a human flaw. In reality the noticing or not noticing of someone should not affect them. As long as personal relevance is acknowledged functions should continue. Is personal relevance necessary? Why is any relevance necessary? Is the bestowing of relevance a tool used by society to control its members?

Amish that turn away from their faith are shunned by members that remain resolute. This is an effort to control it is plain to see. By extrapolation this can be applied to everyday behavior where people are ignored in order to change or control their behavior.

On the internet there are people seeking relevance daily by saying and suggesting the popular politically correct issues and opinions. There are many sites where the host obviously speaks the right lines and caters the content to please the audience. It is never really confirmed whether the host holds true those things that appear. The host seeks relevance through the accolades of the audience. A human flaw. Without the accolades of an agreeing audience the site eventually withers, the host becoming disinterested. His or her life has been controlled by the shunning actively or inactively applied by the audience. If personal relevance were present or if relevance became irrelevant the postings could continue. The site would continue. Control by others thwarted.

So be a rock, continue, and do not let others control you.


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