Schadenfreude… A Christian Trait… December 4, 2017

Schadenfreude is a German term that translates “malicious joy”. The malicious joy is taken by one over the miseries suffered by another. It is another example of the human capacity to be cruel.

This past week there was a lot of Schadenfreude expressed in the Senate.McConnell The GOP was carrying out their dream of initiating the destruction of Social Security and Medicare.

A large and mostly ambiguous package of tax cuts designed to fill the pockets of the rich was passed by only Republican senators. Included in this package, in contradiction to Trump’s promise to leave it alone, were massive cuts for both Social Security and Medicare… the lifelines upon which the elderly depend.

Schadenfreude, a sick joy taken when observing or hearing of the suffering of others. This act puts a lie to the proclaimed Christian leaning of the far right, including the Republicans of the Senate. Jesus was from all reports more of a socialist demanding his followers give away all they had to the poor. schadenfreudeYet, these callous and apathetic Senate Republican adhere to capitalism. Capitalism is a system based totally on greed. That is why Capitalism does so well, it feeds the greed, a basic sin. Greed is why these Senate Republicans are puppets of the rich, having been bought by the same. They are most definitely not patriots by any stretch of the word.

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