Science and Religion Do Not Mix… November 5, 2017

Ignorance continues to be spread here in the U.S. Various religious factions are vying to spread their particular brand of ignorance daily.

Science is constantly under attack as it rips back the veil of ignorance. The origin of humanity as well as its evolution are brazenly attacked daily by those who would substitute folklore for fact and god in place of knowledge.

Although the particulars have yet to be gleaned, abiogenesis is our origin. Whether here, or in some distant place, abiogenesis seems most logical. Instead of this growing body of knowledge, the mobs that harken back to earlier ignorance would substitute creationism for both this and evolution. It boggles the mind of any thinker… how, in light of both DNA evidence and fossil evidence, someone could still attempt to apply the imaginings written by barbarians during a barbaric period where sacrifice was present, war was constant, and ignorance treasured.

Evolution has withstood scientific scrutiny. It has prevailed against attacks by groups of religious factions using monies generously given by their promoters. Is it perfect? New things about evolution are constantly being discovered, new questions, new answers. That is the way of science. Meanwhile, despite new information, fundamentalist religions never change.

Adam and Eve, no more real than Mickey and Minnie Mouse, are still promoted among some circles of fanatics.

Children are used to transmit this mental virus to new generations. The violence, the eye for an eye philosophy, the inflexible laws of the bronze age are carried forward. Progress is not only stunted but sometimes reversed.

There is only one correct place for both the Bible and the Koran… in bonfires nationwide. In any case, if retained, only used for study of how things were, not as they should be.

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