Religion is for the Living… No… Really! …

I simply must post about a recent incident, one which typifies my difficulty in dealing with humans. I will tie this post in with how silly Christianity, or any religion, appears in relation to it.

Upon taking a trip to a nearby town, Bucyrus, on a street where Wendy’s is located, I pulled up to a stop light. There was a sign that I did not see that said I should not block the exit to the Wendy’s. This fellow, upon exiting became agitated and felt the need to lambast me for blocking the exit. At first I believed heangry man must be talking to someone else, but then the realization was that he was pointing at me.

First of all, this man, no more important than you or me took it upon himself to tell me in no uncertain words where I had erred. He proceeded to give me the finger, which I promptly returned. Then he stopped his car and through his back window I could see him vigorously gesturing that I should pull over and engage him physically. Having already being delayed by his idiocy and the light turning green, I proceeded away. There was some concern that the agitated man would follow, but we never saw him again.

He had no right to tell me what law or sign I had disobeyed. His temper was such that being an older fellow he might have blown a vessel in his head and died. We can only hope that he did later.

What if he were a Christian? Doubtful, but what if he was? There was something Jesus said about someone holding something against you should you die before being forgiven. Well, if this man were a Christian he most certainly would be headed for the fictional Hell of his faith, as I will never forgive the man. Then one must consider… what if he were a Catholic? All he need to helldo is confess, I would always have a grudge against him, but he would spend eternity in paradise nonetheless. What if he didn’t confess? Well then there is Purgatory. During that period his relatives and friends could beseech their fictional deity and lo, he would spend eternity in paradiseheaven without forgiveness or confession.

I assert that religion is more for the sake of the living rather than the dead, especially Catholicism. No one can be sure he went anywhere, and heaven not need exist at all, as long as everyone still alive believes he went to paradise. Everybody feels good. More money goes to the church. As an atheist I know he’s just plain old dead, but there the believers are, smug and righteous, knowing, just knowing, he is in heaven and they will see him again. No wonder those of organized crime are usually of the Catholic faith. They can do whatever crime, commit whatever atrocity, confess… and spend eternity in paradise… or so they believe.

As long as you believe, are forgiven for your sins, you go to heaven. Hitler claimed to be a Christian, you know. Now that would be a surprise for the believer to arrive in heaven and find that monster is there to greet them. Yes, it’s been said before, but what is true, is that by their own beliefs… they cannot denyHitler it. Assuredly there will be those who will put up the “No true Scotsman” argument and claim he wasn’t a real Christian… but they would then have to prove they are. No one can do that, they can only claim to be.



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