Surreptitious Invaders… October 15, 2017

Quietly, indiscreetly, they move into neighborhoods, cities, and congregate in areas. They propagate… that is why they have come. The numbers increase yearly. Soon they are the majority in an area. They think a majority matters… in the same way many Americans think a majority matters… they intend to use that majority to make everyone comply with their demands.

The above is the manner in which Islam invades. They come innocently enough, but their religion is paramount to them. They obey their Imams. They fear their Imams. The people do not come bearing weapons. They come to propagate. They come to outnumber you. Your laws are irrelevant to them. Only their religion is paramount to them. They think you should obey their laws too. They think they are doing you a favor by making you convert and obey. It is an insidious religion, even more so than Christianity.

When the time is right they begin the demands. They want Islamic law to prevail in their areas, and for everyone in their areas to be made to submit to it. They vote on it.

It is happening now in many U.S. cities. It has already happened in many western countries in Europe. Nothing can stop it because there are those politically correct nitwits who will not act and deter others from acting against this oh so patient and quiet invasion.

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