Prominent Boy’s Club to be Feminized… October 12, 2017

I fail to see why every organization of males must be feminized. Now the Boy Scouts of America under the pressure of the politically correct society has decided to feminize. Previously, all men organizations have faced similar demise nationwide. They may change the name to “Scouts of America”.

What does this mean? There will be changes in the male programs to please incoming feminists. Will there be the same denigration of and marginalizing of males? That awaits to be seen, but if other organizations are any model… it is inevitable.

There will be sporadic charges of sexual harassment and sexual assault as feminists act to remove men from the upper echelons of the organization. Entrapment may become common place.

If this is simply an economic move, then that is one more strike against the capitalistic system of this nation.

In the past my lack of support for the Boy Scouts has been solely based on their religious slant. Now, they may become a true enemy of boys and men everywhere. Now they may become a true enemy I must oppose.

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