Why You Should Never Marry a Feminist… October 8, 2017

or… Why Marriages to Feminists are Short…

Ever hear the word “empowerment”? It is used often today in schools, the girl scouts, and elsewhere to encourage girls. What many do not know is that it is a feminist concept… what it means is to empower girls so that they do not need men in their lives.

Without need all that is left is want… and want, as we all know is superficial and fickle. What you want today you may not want tomorrow… you may want something else. A marriage based on want, without need, to carry it over waning want periods, would be a marriage measured in months. Why get married at all, if you have no need.

It seems that this concept of empowerment is just another attack by the feminist quarter to destroy traditional marriage. This, and the fact that the laws have been twisted to serve single women in the raising of children… men are maximally minimized.

In conclusion, it would be better to let the empowered woman remain empowered without you. She has no need of you, and if she shows any interest, know that it is fleeting interest. All feminists deserve to die lonely and unloved.

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