The Daily Struggle to Understand… September 26, 2017

I do not fail to understand why Trump does what he does. He is, after all, beholding to a great number of very rich supporters. He has a major incentive to provide massive tax cuts for not only himself but his very wealthy constituents. One could say this would be a sound reason for adding the uber-rich to the those who believe in Armageddon and the rapture as people who do not belong in public office.

I struggle with understanding the poor and average working class person that supports Trump and his policies. Those who would suffer greatly under “Trumpcare” or if Social Security and Medicare were destroyed. These working class people whose sons and possibly daughters would suffer under the burden of the continuing war and other conflicts threatened by this administration. It makes no sense to me. Is it simply faithfulness to a party that has long abandoned them? Is it the same phenomena as those who are religious, and remain so even in the face of reason?

I can truly say that the reactions on line from these supporters is very nearly the same as the religious whenever any resistance is encountered. Vicious, crude, and rude remarks gauged to make you cede to their point are plentiful and quick. It is no wonder the typical Trump supporter is compared to ignorant rednecks with pick-up trucks. They possess a bull-headed characteristic that could only be compared to someone standing resolutely in water that is coming to a boil, refusing to vacate less someone think they are yielding. 

I can no longer guarantee victory for the other party no matter what Trump does. If that were possible even warmonger and liar Hillary would have won unanimously. Perhaps people just could not see such a monster as Trump coming down the road. Nevertheless, that does not explain their resolute support now.

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