The Unknown Catalyst(s) October 1, 2017

Much work is progressing around the world pertaining to abiogenesis. It is my hunch that we might be on the cusp of a major discovery. The beginning and the end is known, it is the middle that needs filling in.

What elements had to come together and provide the impetus for initial formation? The thought of inorganic becoming organic by way of some intermediate is fascinating.

Organic compounds have been found inside meteors striking the earth. Is this where the catalyst arose as well? Even so, on some distant world, or in some place something had to happen to start the journey.

There is no place for god in these explanations. The mention of a god stops all further inquiry. Science has no need of deities.

Was the world first an RNA world? Many scientists now discredit this thought. Then what caused the first strand of DNA to arise?

I am no scientist, I readily admit… though I do still study biology… abiogenesis… and more. All so interesting… though more questions arise every time an answer is found.

Was the sun the catalyst? You can be sure it was a player. Deep sea smoker vents, spewing a concoction of minerals and heat? Could be… many think life began in the sea. Our blood seems to indicate a salt water based origin.

We can dig all we want for fossils in order to explain our past, but still need to find life’s origin.

Did life begin here? Was the seed planted by comets, meteorites, dust? Some answers may never be found conclusively. Yet, there is no reason to resort to explanations based on religion. Religion is what our ancestors used to explain away phenomena they could not understand. Reasoning human beings need to explain phenomena, not explain them away.

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