Evolution or Cooperation… September 24, 2017

Is winning all there is? Has evolution betrayed humans by making all humans competitors? Does competition produce individuals that exhibit excessive selfishness? Is this competition the source of the “me first” syndrome?

Not only did the first humanlike anthropoid have to compete with other species for food and shelter, it also had to compete with members of its own species. It was concerned with its own survival. If it shared anything with anycaveman other individuals it was done with the expectation of later remuneration. Again, self was the object of concern. If the creature came to the aid of another it was with the understanding that the aided would render aid if in the future help was needed. If the creature were to imperil itself that action was usually reserved for offspring or mate rather than a casual acquaintance or stranger.

Does this primal beginning as groups competing against groups render widespread cooperation among the species known as human nearly impossible? If a group were to disappear or be endangered as the result of war29cooperation while other groups benefited wouldn’t that result in rebellion? If this cooperation was necessary for species survival would not a successful rebellion doom the species?

Is extinction inevitable? Have the struggles created by evolution’s instilled competitive instinct doomed all in the long run? At some point, for survival’s sake, cooperation must take precedence over competition. How do youhuman extinction 2 persuade a group to accept annihilation for the sake of the species?

One answer is to make groups blend into one homogenous all encompassing group.  This seems an impossible task. The human species is extremely diverse in beliefs and mannerisms. Each group is convinced of its own superiority over all other groups. What base do you select, then, for homogenous transformation? For survival’s sake, eventually a central collection of mutually accepted beliefs and mannerisms must be developed. Even then, minor disagreements may arise when what is thought a simple basic precept conflicts even ever so slightly with some rigid structured belief or mannerism held by a significant number. At that point does the majority squash the dissenter out of existence?

I would venture that even the most complex machine humanity may develop will be inadequate to solve these problems.

Either one or the other faction will eventually succeed in squashing all dissenters or extinction is inevitable. Even the type of faction winning will determine long term survival. Is the winning faction the one that possesses the elements necessary for surviving in the real world?

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