The Id Cannot Be Repressed; The Id Must Be Controlled………… April 2, 2017

The Id is the primitive part of your psyche present from birth. It is the part that demands instant gratification. It is the part that made you cry when you were a baby until your needs were satisfied. Though indispensable it needs to be controlled. That is the job of your Superego.

Your Superego manifests your morality, your goals, your intellectual desires. It holds reign over both Id and Ego… it must hold reign over your Id and Ego lest you become incompatible with a civilized society.

Part of the problem with society today is that people are not in control of their Id, it controls them. The Id does not obey or recognize morality. It is the base element of your psyche. To allow it to rule is the same as allowing an adult with the intellect and desires of a toddler to rule. This truly would be the “Everything goes” individual feared by civilization.

The challenge is to channel the energies of the Id into constructive purpose. It must be harnessed, regulated, guided, and not be permitted to run freely. The relaxation of control even for a moment could result in damaging and destructive behavior like greed, apathy, and violence.

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