Greed Rules… March 26, 2017

Humans are said to possess among the many neurons of their brains some particular cells called mirror neurons. Some seem to possess more of these neurons than others, or, alternatively habitually over-ride them. The reason I state this is that the majority of humans exhibit behavior that can only be described as greed and selfishness. Superficially it seems as if they failed to learn how to share, or at least, to share equally.

Human society suffers terribly because the majority of people are concerned only and solely with their own welfare, and to a lesser extent, the welfare of their own kin. This is why there is the rich and the poor. The rich struggle to accumulate an inordinate amount of wealth. The levels of this wealth are many orders in excess of what the individual can be said to have earned… or deserves. Instead of investing this wealth to help those less fortunate they accumulate this wealth in vast reserves. Most times they use various methods of transferring this wealth out of their native country in order to avoid having it fairly taxed.

Although the capitalist model may allow for vast and fast advancement, the lowest in society do not gain from it. Those at the top are the beneficiaries. Capitalism feeds the innate nature of human beings: greed.

Socialism would be a better model if coupled with capitalism. Yet there are those who are determined to keep everything they accumulate and the rest of humanity is left in ruin. The time of pure capitalism must come to an end… whereas the United States has had a mixture for sometime, the rich are endeavoring now to dismantle this model and return to pure capitalism: everybody for themselves.

This turnabout will result in more wealth at the top and more poverty at the bottom. The only way the top will be able to survive is by enabling vast military opposition to the unrest of the poor. The police and other means will be used to quash the protests of the poor.

There will be revolution.

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