Misunderstandings… April 2, 2017

Human language developed to describe the world and existence. A crude instrument, language fails to convey thought to its fullest accuracy. Conflicts and war have resulted from misunderstandings.

Whether it is due to the inability to match thought to word or the lack of words available to fit the thought, misunderstandings seem inevitable. In the interests of peace and good will, this fact should be the first fact fully illustrated… that is, the inadequacy of language.

Whereas the difficulty is apparent among speakers of the same language, the problem becomes more acute when more than one language is involved. Translated words exacerbate the difficulty of relaying thought in words. The chance of error increases. This also should be made clear before any negotiations, especially those that may lead to violent conflict if not successful.

Subterfuge in words is often used to obfuscate meaning. Even what is not said can have meaning unperceived by the recipient. For example the sentence:
”The Bible has nothing to do with my views on gays and transgenders.”
In reality this statement fails to actually disseminate what the individuals views are. All it does is designate the Bible irrelevant in the formation of the views. Sometimes it can be used to deter conflict by not making your real views clear and letting the audience make assumptions.

Assumptions, of course, are yet another source of conflict arising from inadequacies of language.  

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