The In-Group… December 11, 2016

Robot thinking AThere is a human phenomena known as “in-group”, sometimes also known as “in-group thinking”. Humans form groups. Each group considers itself the in-group. Other groups are looked upon unfavorably. Sometimes a group forms and develops actual animosity for other groups that do not subscribe to their particular beliefs. Group forming in itself is divisive. Members become biased toward helping other members of their group and oppose members of other groups, or simply ignore the needs of other groups.

Turmoil is inevitable between groups seeking the same resources or living space. Ideologies also become points of disagreement leading to struggles between groups to persuade one or the other to their points.

Individuals with similar perspectives results inevitably to groupcaveman formations. Disagreements between groups differing drastically in perspectives most often generates violence.

There are many groups. Religious, non-religious, hobby-oriented, race, gender are but a few. Religious groups develop superiority perspectives. Non-religious groups develop superiority perspectives. All groups develop superiority perspectives. Everyone thinks their group is the right group, their perspectives the correct perspectives. As a consequence of superiority perspectives the members of one group begin to look upon the members of another group as an enemy. Hatred, often denied, but present nonetheless, develops.

Many members of religious groups hate members of non-religious groups. Their ideology forbids this hatred, so they vehemently deny it, but it exists anyway.

Many women form groups calling themselves feminists. Despite exhortations to the contrary these groups develop hatred for men. Not only that, they develop hatred, though not as severe, for women who do not join such groups. It happens, whether intentional or not.

Even in religious groups there are divisions, as Catholics may religious fightdespise Protestants. Fundamentalists may despise those religious groups not holding to what they consider the tenets of the Bible in total.

The Rich and powerful develop animosity towards the poor masses, as they develop paranoia thinking that the poor want to take their wealth away. Sports team fans develop hatred of fans of other teams. This has resulted in many deaths. Hunters are opposed by non-hunters. Developers are opposed by those seeking to preserve wilderness. Yet, all these groups would suffer if animals went extinct, and all wilderness were “developed”. Is this why it seems that preservation is futile? The intellectual crowd and the “stupid” masses do not respect one another. One political party’s members despise another party’s members.

The groups are endless in number. Whereas in the past such groups aided survival, now such groups detract from progress. Even the end goal of all humans is irrelevant, that of survival… unless of course it is the group to which a person belongs.

Nationalism is part of this in-group. One nation against the others… none pulling for the ultimate goal, that of survival of the human species. As resources decline, food becomes scarce, and population balloons, war will increase… and war is unproductive to say the least. To be frank it seems the human species is bent on extinction as the end goal.

Whereas evolution might have favored in-groups, in-groups are no longer desirable. Evolution may have gotten humanity into this mess, will it enable humanity to get out? The speed at which evolution works indicates that it will be incapable of changing humans in time. In fact, that is my opinion… that is, that it is too late already.

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