Biblical Morality… December 4, 2016

→Christians claim that morality originates from god. They also claim that the Bible is the perfect word of god (at least most fundamentalists do).

→Morality as presented in the Bible is not seen as moral today. Exceptions that are moral seem out of place among the others which most definitely are not.

→Most all “Christians” today are buffet style, choosing which parts of the Bible to hold true and rejecting others. This fact is the only reason that Christianity is able to exist within modern society today. In fact, those “Christians” that assert the Bible is totally infallible, and acceptable as a source to pattern your life are incompatible, just as Islam is incompatible, with modern western societies.

→It would be prudent for society to prevent any and all fundamentalists from seeking or holding office in a modern western society. NO ONE believing in Armageddon should be in control of weapons of mass destruction as they may attempt to hurry the return of their “Lord” by hastening the end of humanity.

Robot thinking AConclusion: Biblical morality is incompatible with modern morality. The Bible should be condemned as a barbaric relic. This condemnation is for the entirety, for even the New Testament offers little that does not conflict with human interests. Fundamentalist Christians, Islamists, or fundamentalists of any other religion, should be prevented from seeking or holding public office.

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