My Struggle With Feminism … September 18, 2016

Oh criminy, another feminist post…..

Yes, I guess so. It is a struggle I have waged for so long and I so wish I could put it to rest forever. However, I suppose it will continue at least for as long as the lies emanating from the movement is sustained.

I admit there are many women in the movement that think they are doing something moral and right. They have been told by their leaders that they remain oppressed even now. Through lies about a non-existent wage gap, rape culture, and patriarchal system they have been urged to maintain the pressure and continue to demand more and more access to this and that.

The truth is… men never oppressed women unless you refer to the rich men at the beginning. These very rich oppressed everyone, not just women, and forced them to do their bidding. Among those rich men, truth be told, were also a few rich women.

The so-called wage gap was invented by feminists by taking all wages of men compared to all wages of women. No account of how many hours were worked, the type of jobs, and personal choices of women was made.

Rape culture was invented by changing the definition and using bogus statistics. I have heard that for the average woman getting raped is closer to one in a hundred rather than the one in five, or one in four depending where you look. Rape is not acceptable by any means. However, through bogus logic and statistics feminists have been able to paint nearly every man by the same sordid brush. Now, routinely, when a woman is found raped, or claims rape, all the men in the vicinity are asked to submit genetic material for analysis. All are suspect.

This demonization of men is very much like the demonization of Jews by the Nazis in WWII.

The damage to families, though not apparent in existing families, is in the formation of future families. Fewer people year after year, especially men, opt to marry. The cry heard by many women now is “Where have all the good men gone.” They do not realize that feminism has taken them all out.

How can equality be bad? It isn’t. Fighting for equality after it already has been achieved, many years ago I might add, is very bad. It has turned into a fight for privilege and special consideration. Women in feminism do not want to work and earn higher positions… they want the road cleared, and to hell with qualifications.

The dear sweet women, yes a number remain, who want nothing to do with feminism and its sexist principles, are the ones I feel sorry for. The dream of marrying the ideal mate is rarely possible in this world where many women think that every man is out to cheat them of their spot in life. Laws are made, rules are fabricated, to enable women to compete unfairly with men. Do not notice the beauty of a woman as you might be accused of sexual harassment. Do not hold the door, she might be a feminist and will hate you for it. Treat them like men. Except no, you must treat them like your superiors to get along. Even the lowest woman on the totem pole is a threat to the man at the top of the totem, unless he is very careful never to be alone with one.

I want this to be the last time I visit this terrible nightmare of a topic… I so terribly desire it. I fear some new abrasive woman will revive it, because now the world is filled with the like. Men have been reduced to second class persons, maybe even lower than that. The word of a man does not equal the word of a woman any more. One word from her and he could lose his job, marriage, and family. People thought all along gay marriage would destroy marriage. It was always feminism, all along, that was the threat. The striving for power by some bitter women has destroyed the beauty of marriage. Now a contract, carefully written by lawyers hand, is needed… where before only a certificate was adequate. I bemoan the young men now, nothing will ever be the same again… romance will not survive. There is only the contract and its fulfillment that matters. Stinks, I think.

I hope this is the last time I go here… no one seems to like these posts any way. You would think they are either afraid or actually believe the lies. Everyone avoids these posts as if they were plague. In my opinion, men are afraid of upsetting some female friend, wife, or daughter that might have bought the lies. Yes, I am totally confident they are lies.

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