Frivolous? September 14, 2016

What would constitute a frivolous post?

This post is in reaction to a comment I saw on line criticizing someone’s post as serving no purpose other than to see the poster’s name on Facebook.

It would, I think, depend on the interests of the critical individual. If the post is not in line with the interest of the viewer almost any post might seem trivial, and therefore frivolous.

If a post is in theme with the site then why is the post not pertinent? Even if the post merely points out aspects already known and is merely a collection of pictures representing that which the site is about… why would someone think it frivolous and make a comment to that effect?

I feel that it is the problem of the critical individual. Just because they think it a frivolous post does not make it so. Indeed, it may simply be an individual who feels they must go about making negative comments about everything that they see. If I were to make a site and post a can of beans everyday as long as the site promoted common vegetables wouldn’t the post be pertinent? As long as it was a different bean featured in every post it would still fit right in.

Perhaps the critical person has little excitement in their lives and either wants a thrill a minute or gets a thrill from the reaction of the poster to the negative comment. Either way… it remains the problem of the critical person rather than the poster.

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