Poor Dear, Suicidal Thoughts… September 11, 2016

Men commit suicide five times more often than women. One would think that such a statistic would garner more attention for the needs of men. This is not so. Instead the statistic that women have suicidal thoughts more often than men is the news. They attempt and fail at suicide more often than men. Therefore, it is asserted, more attention is needed for women.

What? Let me reread that and I will continue….

Well, that is the way it is viewed by a gynocentric society. The possibility that attempted suicide by women may not be serious attempts but instead a play for attention never enters the picture. The fact that there are five times more men lying about dead isn’t even an issue for society.

All of the money and attention goes to women.

Well, I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. Look how society takes care of women. There are dozens of women’s hospitals scattered across the country. Look for a men’s hospital and you won’t find a single one.

Men have fought battles and come back home from wars only to find inadequate veterans help. Now that some women have started showing up with injuries… attention for veterans is played up in the news.

It is just a lucky thing most men do not check into these statistics about our very gynocentric society… or the figures for male suicide would be much greater.

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