Equal Opportunity is Achievable… Equality, Not So Much….. July 07, 2016

For me to think that I could do things a large man could do is insane. I could never do the work of a fire fighter. Lifting the heavy gear they use would tax my abilities beyond their capacities. Sure, there are some things I could do that they do, but not all… and to demand I have a job as a fire fighter without being able to do all would lessen the effectiveness of the whole. Yet, there are those who demand the right to do just that, endangering everyone.

Equality is an impossible goal. Simply impossible. A lithe and dainty little woman cannot possibly do the work a six-foot man full of muscle can do… I can’t either… yet there are some demanding the job which requires just that… forcing those who are capable to take up the slack where the unqualified fail.

On the other hand, everyone should have equal opportunity to try. When they fail they should accept their failure instead of filing frivolous lawsuits to overcome their inability. This is not what is happening, instead the public at large is being put at risk so that some dainty little thing can be part of something too big.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, yes. Equality, impossible. Equality will never exist, it never has with perhaps the exception of equality before the law. (This is an area men need to achieve, as now they do not have equality before the courts when compared to women)

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