Nazi-Hass-Kampagne …

Except for those living under rocks, the Nazi hate campaign against the Jewish people in their midst is well known. anti jew 3The government under the control of Adolph Hitler felt that the German people needed something to unite them, something… to hate. They directed a campaign of hatred against the Jewish people living in their country.

anti jew 1

Everything that was wrong, everything that went wrong, was blamed on the Jewish people.

It worked so well that the government was able to build death camps and exterminate millions of Jewish people in a very short time. death campsThe magnitude of what they had done was only realized when the allies marched in and put a stop to it.

The Nazis had effectively demonized the Jews to the point that the average citizen, many of them, anyway, did not think of Jews as human beings.

Now… there is a new campaign… carried out by some very evil women to demonize a group, not of a race, not of a culture, but of a gender… male. They are working daily in many governments to demonize, read, dehumanize… men and boys. Women only

They were and are the man-hating elite of feminism. Despite the fact that there is no oppression of women in the West, these immature women are working in government, schools, everywhere they can to paint all men by the same brush… as oppressors of women, as privileged over women.

In many countries there is evidence that the campaign is underway: boys-are-stupid-throw-rocks-at-themLittle girls are sporting t-shirts with the slogan “boys are stupid throw rocks at them”. This male hatred is being taught to young girls more frequently everyday in schools and movies. “Frozen” is not the innocent movie it seems, its underlying message is “you do not need men in your lives”. In schools, now reformed to teach girls, boys are treated as if they are simply defective girls… pumped full of chemicals if they do not sit down and shut up.

In many cities there are women only buses and taxis: Women only 2

women only 4

Not only that but there are women only sitting places to keep those evil men at bay:Women only 5


More and more men are facing this sign:women only 6

In public places….

Campaigns of hate with the label “rape culture” are being waged, labeling all men as potential rapists. Slogans like: Teach Boys Not To Rape, are appearing in print and on the internet daily. Men and boys are being reduced, marginalized, ridiculed and shamed. The word of a woman is only equaled by the word of another woman… a man’s word against a woman’s word is totally without power.

The courts are stacked against men, with men receiving longer and more harsh sentences for the same crimes women commit. Sometimes all a woman has to do is turn on the tears and she can get away with murder.  If a man is within a mile or so of a rape, he along with all other men in that area are coerced into having their DNA tested, for every man is thought a potential rapist.

Any crime that is committed is assumed to have been committed by a man, or if a woman is involved, they search for the man who made her, or talked her into, committing the crime.

How soon before the same scenario played out so many years ago occurs again? Extermination. There have been some of these radical pseudo-women talk about reducing the male population to 10 percent or less. How soon….death camps

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