Humanism: An Ideology–Atheism: Non-Belief … June 26, 2016

Atheism is non-belief. It asserts no beliefs. It has no philosophy. Its roots emanate from reason. It contains no morality. It asserts no morality. It is a stance based on the premise: There is no god. No, many atheists will not go that far. They simply say there is no evidence.

Is negative evidence, evidence? The god as described by many Christians and Islamists is of a nature that if they actually existed evidence would abound. There would be no way it could be hidden. There could be no scientific basis for life… yet there is. There would be no set physical laws deducible because a god would not require them and could easily violate them. Nothing would be explainable. The Universe would operate magically.

Atheism has good footing, I would say.

Humanists, at least some of them, claim to be atheists. Nevertheless, they embrace many ideological beliefs. They have developed their own ideas about morality. They have adopted many stances based on culture, rather than reason. Many humanists also embrace feminism, a very ideological set of beliefs.

Everyone develops a sense of morality from parents as well as what they read and hear. Most develop them early in childhood. Those that do not are either in prison or haven’t been caught yet. For example: Hillary Clinton and her husband are still at large.

The left seems to be the main spectrum claimed by atheists, but the left is not really the place they should devote their allegiance. Everyone should use reason and develop independent thinking rather than adhere to this or that way of thinking. Not everything the left espouses is moral. Not everything the right espouses is moral. Anyone who adopts either camp exclusively is trying to belong rather than using reason. Atheism, meanwhile, espouses nothing, with the exception perhaps of non-belief. One might say that proclaiming “there is no god” is a belief. However, as I pointed out earlier, there is much negative evidence, evidence of absence, that only makes sense if there is no god.

Seeing the harm religion has done in the world, it can be understood why some atheists become activists against religion. Many wars have been fought in the name of god. Many mass murders have been committed under the cloak of religion.

In conclusion I would state that humanism is simply another set of beliefs. People who have been believers feel a sense of loss… loss of security, loss of socialization, and seek to fill that void by either joining or creating another belief system. Many seek other cults of Christianity. Many try to maintain a secular life, but unknowingly adopt Humanism, an ideological religion.

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