Pacifist Illusion … April 17, 2016

Is it possible to be a pacifist? It would seem nearly impossible to be a total pacifist.

How can a pacifist be safe? In some way a pacifist would not be so, as they would have to rely on a non-pacifist to protect their safety. Could it be that pacifism cannot exist?

How would a pacifist country defend itself in this turbulent world? Even hiring someone to guard you is non-pacifist.

Have there ever been any pacifists? Even those that have been labeled so used means by which to cause others to act violently for them. Whether participating in the violence or not, using methods to agitate others into violence renders your claim of pacifism, a lie.

Name the pacifists… like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or others that were mistakenly labeled so. They were very skillful in planting seeds that caused others to engage in violence as a result. Civil disobedience, it is said, can be considered a form of violence.

What would a pacifist be in this world? If not dead, they would be the most bendable, malleable, gullible people of this world. If told to sit, they sit. If told to stand up, they stand up. Anything to avoid violent enforcement of orders.

In truth, the only way a pacifist could exist is if the whole of the world were the same.

In our world, the real one we have, the only label we would apply to a true pacifist is “patsy”.

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