Truth Endures… April 11, 2016

Turn your head… ignore its vocalization… shun the messenger… regardless of what you may do, the truth prevails.

My WordPress site has always displayed the truth. One thing that is prominent about the truth is that many times people do not want to admit it is the truth. People that present it are often hated, reviled, and shunned. Nevertheless, the truth continues to be the truth.

Often the politically correct view is more desirable. Even though it may be a total lie, socially, people want to believe the lie rather than the truth. Those that shout the truth are often trampled down, many times killed, more often shunned. That does not change the truth. The truth continues.

There are not two versions of the truth. There is the truth and nothing else comparable. I present the truth and many label it opinion. It is not opinion. Whether you label it something else or not, it remains the truth.

Like the proverbial ostrich many stick their heads in the ground, or assume the posture of the simians that cannot see, hear, or speak. It changes nothing… the facts remain, the truth is enduring.

Those that dare to speak the undesired truths are ignored, friendless… so be it. I will still speak the truth… humanity be damned. If you don’t like it, tough.

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