It is time for a Democratic Socialist Republic… March 11, 2016

When I say my country I am speaking of the United States. I think it is time for a Democratic Socialist government. Such a government will ensure that our country moves securely into the future. It has the potential to eliminate poverty, eliminate illiteracy, and produce a government more in empathy to the people’s needs and not in tune solely with the needs of corporate interests. Presently our government is in control of rich special interests, as it has been bought by them.

Before the Reagan era our tax structure was such that we were able to invest in our infrastructure, roads, schools, parks, and more. After the Reagan era, the rich began to get richer, and the poor poorer. In a desperate attempt to maintain infrastructure our government began to over tax the middle class which has nearly decimated that class. Whereas before Reagan the rich paid close to 70% in taxes, afterwards they paid nearly 30%. This windfall was not invested in new jobs, it was invested in new ways to make the rich richer, the poor poorer. Jobs were sent overseas where people were willing to work for slave wages, then goods brought back here. The goods were cheaper but no one could afford them because there were no jobs.

In my opinion everyone making over $250,000 should have that portion of their income over that amount taxed at 70%. This would allow investment in our infrastructure, creating jobs, and make the government strong enough to stop the destruction of our environment. Those companies taking their jobs overseas should be labeled traitors and not permitted to return goods here. Tax cheats should be soundly fined and imprisoned. They are, after all, stealing from everyone.

The cap on Social Security should be abolished, restoring life to that program. Receipts for that program should not be in the general fund.

A Democratic Socialist country combines the powerhouse of capitalism with socialism. Either by itself, capitalism and socialism, does not work well for the people alone. Capitalism by itself is harsh, unforgiving, and produces a disparity of income that produces the potential for civil war, because it leaves many in poverty.  Socialism, the evening of income levels lacks the potential for producing wealth, but makes life better for everyone when in conjunction with capitalism. Those capitalists that claim that they are justified in keeping their immense wealth are merely people that lack certain human components that should be innate. They do not care about other people. Even after the taxation these people will be immensely wealthy, but no longer in danger of having an uprising that takes everything away from them.

Bernie Sanders remains the only hope of America.

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