What Atheism Means to Me… March 7, 2016

Atheism has always meant a non-belief in deities to me. Activism for an atheist has only meant gaining acceptance of atheists in society… to me. There’s nothing difficult in those two statements, is there? These two sentences do not imply involvement in any other goal.

However, I have found to my dismay, that if you seek to join groups of atheists they always have additional baggage with which they attempt to saddle its members. Things like the battle against Christians.  To a point that’s okay, at least it gives you the opportunity to explain why you yourself do not believe. So many atheists carry it further. Indeed, they carry it to a point where they damage the image of atheists. So stop that.

Another item is the rights issues of various groups. You are asked to support gay rights, women’s rights, transgender rights, and the rights of every human to pretend to be whatever they want to pretend to be. I would rather just support atheist rights… all the rest is a distraction to me and my cause.

I am an atheist, I do not believe in any deities, in fact I go so far as to declare that there aren’t any… and the inductive evidence for that is very good… but just like the existence of a leprechaun cannot be proven, it cannot be disproven as well. I prefer to close the door on that rather than leave it open a crack. Do what you will, but don’t try to change my mind on this fact… you don’t have the evidence any way.

My aim is to make atheists more acceptable to society… and to persuade them to leave us alone, respect our rights and lives. NOTHING MORE. So keep your pet projects to yourself fellow atheists.

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