One Life to Live… March 13, 2016

No, this is not about some daily soap. This is about atheism, atheists, and the non-belief in an afterlife.

Atheists claim as I claim that there is no afterlife. Humans fear death. Humans, afraid to die, created a way by which they do not have to endure it. Since no one has returned from death, no one that can be proven to have done so, creating an afterlife to take effect after death is a cinch. No one can prove it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, no one can prove it does.

Then why does it seem, I ask, that some of the most hate filled people I have met are among the atheist population? Our lives are so short, so finite, yet many atheists are content to hate, though they will deny it, and thus waste what little time we have.

I am talking about my online experiences where having total freedom to insult, to denigrate, to hate, atheists demonstrate that they are no different than those they call bigots, hate groups, etc. In fact, they themselves demonstrate bigotry and hatred.

There are certain politically correct progressive ideologies that you must, it seems, accept upon becoming an atheist.

You must accept:

  1. That despite the lack of scientific evidence that gays are helplessly gay. Also you must accept that there are more than the two genders, masculine and feminine… no matter how silly.
  2. That Islam is a peaceful religion and that Muslims should be accepted as a gentle people when the opposite has always demonstrated itself wherever they have accumulated to a majority.
  3. That feminism is a justifiable human rights movement despite the fact that women have had total equality guaranteed by law since 1964 and that de facto anti-male laws have been established as a result of feminist action.
  4. That Christians are all a hateful bigoted bunch out to bring on Armageddon. ( I know some atheists claim that not all Christians are the same, that only fundamentalists are the target, yet they do not display online as such)
  5. That to have a majority any where of whites is racist. If you didn’t know they were atheists these white people would be thought in private to flagellate themselves for being white. It doesn’t matter to them that a group of peoples chooses not to participate in certain areas, all that matters is that whatever organization that does not contain prescribed percentages of same must be discriminating.
  6. That all forms of sexual deviancy is a-okay.
  7. That even though many atheists believe morality is relative, they must insist on criticizing all other cultures morals, especially if those morals are religiously arrived upon.
  8. That you must adopt a vulgarity of language to demonstrate your lack of religious constrains. You must especially use the “F” word nearly in every sentence.

I am sure you can think of other things that some atheists insist you must accept or be denied the label of open-minded atheist, or secularist.

Life is short, finite. Atheists claim to know this. They claim to be free from ideologies, but also insist that you accept some upon becoming an atheist… or be shunned, denigrated, belittled, labeled a bigot or worse. They have the knowledge of being here only a short time but fight a fight to make everyone fall in line. Why do they waste their time? Why do they think everyone must accept every idea no matter how crass, no matter how immoral? Why do they feel that a people must be so open-minded that their very existence is imperiled? Their professed desires for society test the very foundations that civilization are built. If all of their desires were met civilization would crumble. There would be no need for a god to destroy the resulting Sodom or Gomorrah… it would implode and eliminate itself.  

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