The Cost of Being Politically Incorrect… January 10, 2016

Society has a narrative going. By that, I mean it has a direction, that it is being clandestinely guided. The people doing this guiding consider themselves well-meaning and are called SJWs. They think they know what is best for you to believe, for what you to do. They develop a loose linkage with others, persuading them to their desire, for changes they think, mistakenly, that will improve society, or at least, make it more to their liking. With their cohorts they spread the propaganda they wish disseminated under the guise of doing good. Anyone that objects, or raises any dissent against it, is ridiculed into submission. By raising a stink, a continuous tirade, against the individual resisting, they can cause that person’s reputation to be irreparably tarnished, and even cause loss of job.

Anyone successfully retaining any kind of resistance to the on-going narrative is shunned, ostracized. If you do not conform to the narrative of the day you are excluded from society.

If you do not accept that transgender people are normal… you are ridiculed, shunned.

If you do not accept that gays should be married, you are shut out, ignored.

If you think feminists are not struggling for equality, you are shamed, pushed out.

If you believe that the religion of Islam is not one of peace and should be resisted rather than negotiated with, you are shouted down, denigrated as a bigot.

If you point out that black on white mob violence is rampant in our big cities you are labeled a racist and mocked. After all, the on-going narrative plainly states that blacks are victims only.

Resisting the on-going narrative isolates you. Standing up for morality bans you. Resisting the efforts of society in its rush to crush you is considered outrageous and out of hand.

This has been my fate. It is on-going even as I speak. This is what has made me a misanthrope. This is what has destroyed my naïve faith in humanity. This is what has made me decide that the human race is sliding into oblivion. This is what makes me no longer care.

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