Afraid of Death… January 24, 2016

A product never seen, yet there are millions that accept it exists. Heaven, eternal life, is dehydrated watersuch a product. You can’t see it… till you die. You can’t come back and tell anyone that it exists. It is as real as dehydrated water. Certain snake-oil salesmen have been selling this product for years. Of course they don’t call themselves snake-oil salesmen, they call themselves pastors, reverends, priests, and preachers. How can they sell this stuff, this eternal life, an apartment in Heaven? They count on death. Yep, just like your coroner, your funeral parlors, even life insurance companies: they sell based on death. People do not want everything to end. They do not want anything to end, especially life. So they concocted an elaborate scheme to rake in the dough without having to do any heavy lifting. So they offered people what they wanted… a chance for eternal life.

Some people, they found, thought it crazy… life after death? How can you offer that? hellCan you prove it? They put their brains in gear… they needed some way to scare these yokels into believing, buying into the scheme. They invented hell. If you don’t believe… you go to hell. People lined up, wanted to know how they could avoid such a fate… “believe” they were told, listen to the church, “we can tell you how to be saved”.

Well, it has been a few years since the scam was first introduced. Still, there are people who doubt… still others that do not believe at all.

The Christian, Muslim, name your poison, both fear death. They believe, they hope, they are among the chosen… their fears should be gone. However, every Christian I have ever seen, though they would never admit it, still fear death. They do not know if they have obeyed God’s orders from on high. They do not know if their thoughts have betrayed them and thereby purchased a ticket to the realm of fire and brimstone. They are reassured every Sunday that they are secure, but come Monday the doubts return and the question is repeated: “Am I good enough?” fear of death

These people so fear their God, fear death, that they would rather keep a man alive with machines, in intolerable agony, than let him go by switching off the power. They seek medical services with great desperation, when all they have to do is die and an eternity of bliss would begin. Do they really… I mean … realllly believe? Not from outward appearances. They fear death like if it were the plague.

Atheists seem more secure in their lack of belief. After all, the evidence for an actual mark twain and deathGod, much less Heaven, is totally non-existent. They rest assured that with death does not come some macabre judgment, but instead comes total nothingness. Not only that… but you are unaware of the state of being… unaware.

Many a Christian has claimed that the atheist has confessed on his/her death bed a belief in god. Even if that happened, even if I were to do so, nothing would change. With death there is nothing, no worry, no hell, no heaven… just nothing.

So live your life… enjoy every minute. Don’t waste another second trying to spread the gospel, as it just ain’t so. Don’t kneel to a long dead Allah, a none existent deity, just go about trying to be happy and spread the happiness.  Make the here and now the heaven on earth it could have been without the existence of religion.

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