A Misanthrope Online? … December 27, 2015

Why do I involve myself with social media like Facebook? Each day of my involvement in public media brings new disappointment as the people reveal themselves to me. Online it is easier for people to reveal their true natures. Most assuredly they try to hide behind avatars and false fronts but their actions online still reveal their true natures. People find it easier to be rude, crude, and despicable because of the anonymity offered by this venue.

One reason I still linger on Facebook is the hope of finding that at least one person is like-minded. Of course I cannot expect a total compatibility, there will always be some small thing that differs, like a preference for tea, instead of coffee, cake, instead of pie, etc.

I have listed my positions on line on many different issues, yet no one comes forward declaring they agree… granted, no one comes forward declaring they disagree either. In fact, the sound of the crickets is so much louder than the comments I receive.

My rantings online have become a near diary, rather than a presentation. Even this blog that I have maintained for many years, seems more a ledger to document my feelings rather than something to elicit interaction.

So why continue? It is a question still needing an answer. A question I need to answer. Perhaps I will answer it in this coming New Year.

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