Are We Compatible? January 12, 2015

Do we have a compatible world vision?

In this post I will list some of the things that I presently hold true. Since I am not bound by a lack of free will, and wholeheartedly accept logic and reason with a dash of my own subjective morality thrown in these perspectives may change. If you see me speaking opposite in the future to some of these “truths” do not come back here to proclaim me a hypocrite. I am very malleable and ever-changing dependent upon facts and reason.

I feel very strongly that abortion should be available as a safe and legal surgical procedure. It should be used sparingly for well-defined reasons…
1. Rape. No woman should be forced to birth a rapist’s offspring.
2. Deformation. Why condemn a person to a life horribly deformed.
3. Mother’s health. If it is clear that allowing a pregnancy to come to term will endanger a woman’s life then the pregnancy should be terminated.
4. Incest.
•Abortion should never be used as a form of contraceptive.
•There are incidences where putting a child up for adoption would be a better route than termination.

For the animals we keep as pets there has always been the option of euthanasia available to them to allow a death with dignity. Because of ancient religious beliefs euthanasia has always been denied humans because the religious feel that death should occur in the time decided by a deity. In my opinion a death with dignity should be available to those humans who, terminal and in insufferable pain, wish to terminate themselves. This will not cheapen life, for what is life, without quality of life. I think it can be looked upon as an enhancement.

The amount of DNA involved in creating the small physical differences in our appearances is so insignificant as to render “race” irrelevant. We are all human. Our conflicts are more associated with cultural rather than genetic differences.

Looking at the law and the availability of rights it is clear that feminism has never been and is not now for equality between the sexes, despite the inaccurate dictionary definition often pointed out. Feminism is sexism. An egalitarian stance is one focused on equality. Any man or woman carrying the “feminist” label should be publicly and privately shunned. (Feminism = Woman’s Rights Activist). Since MRAs exist solely as a result of the existence of feminism, until feminism is gone MRAs should be encouraged. After the demise of feminism then everyone can concentrate on human rights rather than men fighting to retain their human rights in the face of feminist attacks.
In another section I explain my atheism. I did want to mention here though, that I have stopped supporting atheist groups financially because of feminist infiltration. They have moved in and are diverting resources to their cause, it’s that simple.

Equality between the Sexes:
My view on this recognizes the fact that there are innate differences between men and women. Men and women have different predilections for doing different things. Not that women or men cannot do the things that the other is best at, but that preferences usually follow the innate predilections. My stance on this can best be described as:
► Equal stature – Different function.

I am an atheist. Nope, not a six-pointer like Dawkins. As far as the Christian Bible as well as any other known religion’s god, I am a full blown seven. Am I able to prove a god does not exist? Are you able to prove a unicorn does not exist somewhere in the wide expanse of the cosmos? The Christian God has set features. If he existed and possessed those set features there would be evidence by the car load. (omnipresence) Some would at this point declare… “do you know what to look for? You could be looking right at God and not recognize him”. Well, having studied biology in college and on and off for many years, I can say we have explained the processes within the human body, cells, tissues, etc. and if some hocus pocus was going on, we’d know it. Does that convince anyone? Some people are determined to believe regardless of reason or facts. They have the right in this country to remain ignorant.
Islam is the greatest problem of our age. It is in a violent period not unlike Christianity was many hundreds of years ago. Islam, to allow civilization to survive, may have to be destroyed. The struggle to destroy it may destroy civilization as well.

Political parties:
Here in the U.S. we essentially have a two party system. There are other parties but they are so insignificant that by comparison they are laughable. People that vote are reluctant to vote for a third party thinking that their vote would be wasted: they are correct. Their vote would in effect be no vote at all. The way things have been going all people have to choose from is “bad” or “worse”, the lesser of two evils, as it is usually referred to. The Democratic party presently more closely conforms to my way of thinking than the Republican party. They do have that problem with too much liberalism. Many support the fascism called feminism. Many want the country inundated with drugs and all drug criminals released. – I will never vote for a feminist nor the addition of any more drugs to our over-drugged culture. (I use culture though the U.S. is closest to a non-culture). We desperately need a strong third, fourth, or more political party from which to choose.

Wildlife Preservation:
That’s right, preservation. So many organizations use the term conservation. In my mind that is like saying “let’s conserve fuel so we’ll have enough for later” as if using it all up is the final desire. What I would like to see is a halt to all deforestation of old growth and in federally owned forests, old or new. No more building. Note the period. If you build it has to be on land in the city or to replace a present structure. Structures, including farms, ranches, houses, within federally owned forests should be made unsalable.  Once the present owner dies the structures are to be removed and the land returned to primitive states. Oh, the humanity, you say. We better get a handle on that population bomb. No matter what we do that has to be solved.
♥There is a special place in my heart for wolves. I think the preservation of these animals, the ancestors of which all dogs arose is extremely important. If there is no place for them, there is no place for us. We are both predators. In this vein we do what we can, my wife and I, in contributing financially to wildlife agencies like “The Defenders of Wildlife”.

The Death Penalty:
Over the years I have gone back and forth on this issue. At first gung ho, pay for your crime creeps. Then thought about how scarce life is in the universe and felt life was too precious to extinguish for any reason. Then I considered the quality of life, how people are starving in the world and that it was a shame that some scumbag was being perpetuated not only at the expense of the taxpayer, but consuming precious resources as well. Eating, breathing air, drinking water, using materials including fuel to keep warm, or cool down. Things that are for the most part finite. They were also taking up space. Some seemed to enjoy prison life and were committing crime after crime to get back in. These people, proven criminals, were a drag on society. I have thought it out. The death penalty, once all doubt has been removed.

Well, that is at least part of it. Do we connect? Agree with any of it? Part of it? Comments? All I ask is don’t be crude and rude nor lewd. I may return to this list and do updates and additions as time passes and permits. -HAVEANICEDAY


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