Why You Should Not Care… December 26, 2015

Some people are paralyzed about what other people might think of them. They worry about making a fool of themselves, or that even someone might unfairly think of them as such. It doesn’t seem to matter that there are some who can never be pleased with you, you simply must please everyone.

It is thought that our ability to put ourselves into other peoples shoes, so to speak, causes us to wonder what they must think of our appearance or behavior. If one were an autistic of sorts, then perhaps what others thought would not be of concern. However then, you might have socializing problems of a different sort.

Most of the time people aren’t thinking about you at all. What a small task it should be then to assume they are never thinking about you. You must become comfortable with your own uniqueness, your own quirks and habits and not give a second thought about how they might perceive them. In any case, I’m sure you will agree that people will think what they think regardless of what you might do. Assume they see the best in you and in that way see the best in them too.

A lot of social anxiety can be put to rest by focusing on your activity and ignoring what others might be thinking about you. Unless you can read their minds how will you ever know anyway, so you might as well assume the best.

You can’t please everybody and you don’t have to.

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