Sometimes All We Have to go on Is a Gut Feeling… August 9 2015

“Are emotions irrelevant to morality? If you have a gut instinct that something is wrong, is it really wrong, or is the emotion just an echo of what you believe, rather than what is real? Is not intuition in fact simply an emotional response? Does this mean that intuition should be disregarded? I imagine many a primitive man’s life was saved by the “intuition”, or “feeling” that something is waiting behind that bush ready to pounce. Our brains operate on a conscious and subconscious level continuously when awake. Our conscious mind alone is insufficient at handling the enormous number of variables required in daily life. Many must be handled without conscious thought as a remembered automatic action. This relieves the conscious mind of activity allowing it to handle the new situations that arise. Consequently, those new situations will be handled unconsciously as they are repeated over time.
→Sometimes a “feeling” is all we have to go on.” –HAVEANICEDAY

Scientists dismiss the layperson. Without credentials your credibility is counted as nil in the scheme of things. Nevertheless, I do not believe that scientists, professionals, or “experts” (whatever expert means or is derived from) have sole proprietorship over conjecture. What follows is my conjecture. Accept it or reject it for what it is worth.

There are some who think that intuition is something separate from the mind, something that directs you without being part of you. I think it simply a thought, an issuance of, the subconscious mind. The conscious mind has limited capacity, even limited access, to memories. How many times is it that you have tried to remember a name and found that it simply would not materialize, yet, hours or even days later surfaces like some object from the depths many times in the middle of something else? Your mind, your subconscious mind, seems to have been working in the background, round the clock, sifting through various files… obviously haphazardly stored. The subconscious mind has greater capacity, greater access to all of your memories. Your conscious mind, when it receives Intel from the subconscious, can not explain how that information was arrived at. Sometimes that information is simply in the form of an emotion. Sometimes that information can seem so real you can smell it, hear it.

The subconscious operates not only when we are awake. It operates when we sleep. Even during our brains downtime when it is deciding which memories warrant longer storage, the work on the problems presented during the day continues. Many a person has awakened with a solution to a problem which perplexed them the day before.

If you have what seems to be a issuance from intuition I recommend that you do not ignore it. Be wary. It may be a false alarm, it may be totally wrong, it may save your life, it may cause your death. Simply use caution. It is a message, or could be a message, issuing forth from the sum total of your stored knowledge. It could be a message from your subconscious to warn you or help you in the handling of some task. It could be nothing at all as well. It is not some deity that has instilled some ethereal quantity in your head, it does not issue from some supernatural power, it is coming from your much larger subconscious. Ever have a “gut feeling”?

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