On the Existence of a God … January 6, 2022

On the existence of god

Is there a god? Is it a god that is presently worshiped or one that we do not know of, or is there one at all?

    There are many religions in existence in the world. There is no evidence to support the existence of the god or gods in any of them.

    Does the god of the Old Testament exist? What evidence is there? The truth is, there is no evidence of its existence. Indeed, there is much to indicate that such a god does not exist. If you look at the history of the Jewish people you easily see the calamities, the downfalls, the suffering that has been endured. It seems as if their god, if there is one, does not lift a finger to help them when they are in need. Over a couple thousand years there have been many events that would make someone forfeit their faith. The most recent of which, is the Holocaust. The Old Testament god did nothing to stop a madman from labeling them disposable.

    The Christian god and the Islamic god, religions derived from the Jewish god, have no basis. None of the three Abrahamic gods have even the smallest mote of real evidence. Discounting eyewitness reports, always fallible, always suspect, they cannot be utilized as evidence. Even if chicanery were not an issue, the reliability of the human brain does not withstand close inspection. How something new appears to the human brain relies too heavily on what has already happened. One person may see one thing, another something else. Drug use back then was not something people eschewed either. Odd and impossible things supposedly seen can be dismissed as a “vision” emanating from a drug induced delirium.

    The Bible as constructed, of course, being a product of a government’s desire to control its people, cannot be regarded as a reliable reference. Books that were in the book before the reconstruction, were not there afterwards having been discarded to meet some desired effect. There is much doubt, considering the individuals that took on this task of reconstruction, that any god was consulted at all. The Bible is unreliable, therefore it cannot be used as evidence.

    Any god? Any at all? Humans have not been outside their own system of planets. To find if there had been a god that created everything, everything else must be limited out. Is there any way to detect creation, is there a creation footprint? There does not seem to be. Everything seems to be proceeding nicely without outside interference. The science of Biology cannot find god. It is well known how cells work, how they multiply, get sustenance. Nothing there to prove the existence of a deity.

    Did some power create everything, and then exhausted, went off to die, or hide? Again, mankind has not been everywhere. Maybe on some distant orb and future, should humans fail to destroy themselves, some thing, some power, will be found that can be determined as the creator. What difference does it make? The power does not regard humanity as important enough to stay around and protect and nurture. There is much immorality that would not exist if there were some entity that cared. Children would not be raped or get cancer. Everyone would be immortal, or death would be most painless. Bullets would not have been invented. Bombs would never be known. Even the hideous insect, the mosquito, would be unknown. If someone fell, they would glide safely to the ground. Why create life only to witness its death?

    If there is a god that does nothing and never shows its existence, of what value is it? Why bow down to what is most likely an imaginary being created by a human deep in the past? Especially a god whose mission seems to be to control the people.

Enjoy life and don’t worry about it. While you are clamoring to get ready for church to serve your god of choice your real life, the only one you will ever have, is forfeit.

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