The Courage and Permission for Killing and Dying November 30, 2021

    Religion, with its promises, provides the wherewithal for people to commit treacherously hideous acts of violence.

    Religious belief promises everlasting life to those who obey and accept their god. If it is in service to that god, then committing an act that results in your earthly death, ends in everlasting eternal life in paradise. I am sure that the individual still suffers at least some nervousness, perhaps a lot, if belief in their god is not total.

    That’s what 9/11 was all about. These terrorists were brainwashed into accepting that this life is unimportant, meaningless, and diminutive in comparison to eternity. So, therefore, it is no great deal to waste this life in service to a god who promises the next.

    This works for any intent of a religious leader. It works to separate the people from their relatives, to reinforce belief, to manipulate them to a cause. To be clear, the victims of this leader are not serving any god, history has indicated there are none, the victims are serving the leader… the one who also collects wealth at their expense.

    There is little hope that humans will ever be free from such nonsense. There is always a given quantity of people who can be easily conned, beguiled, fooled. There will always be people who fear the end of life and will jump at any chance, however tiny, to live forever.

    The religious claim persecution and suffering, but when all is done, it is the nonbeliever who suffers. The nonbeliever is forever in danger of becoming a victim of these “victims”. Life would not be perfect without religion, nothing humans do is perfect, safe, without danger. However, it most certainly would be more pleasant to not hate someone for what they believe. It would be much more pleasant to accept that all people are related, all human. Do not be deceived… religion is the most significant source of hate in the world. Hate that is built in, hate that is required, as a price of belonging.

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