Lithium … August 28, 2021

The information presented in this post has not been verified by the FDA. This information has been adapted from the August 2021 issue of “Life Extension Magazine“.

President and other prominent figures including Mark Twain have visited Lithia Springs, Georgia, because of its famous lithium water.

Lithium may provide neuroprotective benefits even at low doses. Research indicates does as low as 300 to 1000 micrograms may provide benefits. In addition, lithium has been linked to:

  • Enlargement of the brain’s memory center
  • Gray matter density increases
  • Increased thickness of the brain’s outer layer

And there is more… researchers have found that lithium may:

  • Prevent cognitive decline
  • Slow the aging process by activating certain pathways
  • Improve mood.

Lithium could inhibit GSK-3, a cellular enzyme. Increased GSK-3 correlates with rapid aging.

Lithium may promote longevity by:

  • Slowing cell senescence. (Cell death)
  • Possibly maintaining longer telomeres at the ends of chromosomes


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