Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to upload your mind to a artificial brain? Would you still be you? Even if the brain controlled a human looking body, would it act like you, would it see out of the body as you do now and experience a conscious state as you do now. Or…

Will the real you be dead. Something new and artificial continues, thinking it is you, and with what seems a conscious mind, but is not you at all?

It all depends. Are we merely the sum total of the synapses existing in your brain, or is there more… a conscience that cannot be downloaded. Some call it a soul. If it is, it most certainly is no more immortal than the body containing it.

One wishes as he/she fantasizes, that such a thing could be, that an artificial housing could be made to hold the information in your cranium. For all intents, with good maintenance and replacement, you would be immortal. You could “live” anywhere, even on the airless moon.

If you have not seen the movie “Creation of the Humanoids” I urge you to do so. Though the acting is a little mediocre, the ideas presented are interesting.

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