Is this America or is this China?

    Here in America, we have a Constitution that guarantees free speech, yet on popular media censorship is rampant. I suppose we can be thankful that the penalties for saying something forbidden are not as harsh as in China, but they are nevertheless frustrating.

    On Facebook I have noticed that certain pages can get away with posting material that if the regular user posts it… even shares it… he/she runs into conflict with “community standards”.

    As it is we have to deal with ads popping up all the time. These ads provide income to Facebook. So, a user comes on and uses the utility and runs foul of “community standards” after having provided income to Facebook by looking at their crummy ads. Humor is a difficult concept it has been said, but if you say the wrong thing, even in an attempt at humor, you are penalized as if you committed a crime.

    I swear this site will be deleted if I receive a penalty equal to the time that it takes to delete a site. I believe that is 30 days. After coming off a seven day restriction and the frustrations involved in watching things happen upon which you cannot insert your two cents… I simply will leave the site go and maybe come back and establish anew at a future time.

    No, I realize no one including Facebook will care. What else can you do?

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