Is this America or is this China?

    Here in America, we have a Constitution that guarantees free speech, yet on popular media censorship is rampant. I suppose we can be thankful that the penalties for saying something forbidden are not as harsh as in China, but they are nevertheless frustrating.

    On Facebook I have noticed that certain pages can get away with posting material that if the regular user posts it… even shares it… he/she runs into conflict with “community standards”.

    As it is we have to deal with ads popping up all the time. These ads provide income to Facebook. So, a user comes on and uses the utility and runs foul of “community standards” after having provided income to Facebook by looking at their crummy ads. Humor is a difficult concept it has been said, but if you say the wrong thing, even in an attempt at humor, you are penalized as if you committed a crime.

    I swear this site will be deleted if I receive a penalty equal to the time that it takes to delete a site. I believe that is 30 days. After coming off a seven day restriction and the frustrations involved in watching things happen upon which you cannot insert your two cents… I simply will leave the site go and maybe come back and establish anew at a future time.

    No, I realize no one including Facebook will care. What else can you do?

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5 Responses to IS THIS AMERICA OR CHINA? … JUNE 26, 2021

  1. fred2levins says:

    I will be in the Mansfield area in a few days. If you are interested, we could probably arrange to meet for shared coffee, lunch, or supper, and congenial conversation, which I trust you are able and willing to engage in. There are many potential topics.

    From my side, when I was in 6th grade, something happened that I wanted to “forget,” so that my mind would be free to concentrate on homework, enjoying life, and other things. I could describe the situation. You might be interested in learning about it a bit. You might have a topic that you want to have us focus upon in a congenial conversation.

  2. drenn1077 says:

    I would like to have a meetup. Informal, as I do not dress up these days. Perhaps the venue could be the Starbucks at Kroger on Lexington Avenue. They have a new setup with lots of seating. I’ll bring my wife. If you still have access to your Facebook site I can send you my phone number via messenger.

  3. fred2levins says:

    Kroger will work for me.

    Carol’s presence will be a good addition.

    I am still on Facebook as Fred Levins. I don’t use it often and there are changes to Messenger now and then, but Messenger has been very helpful for me in the past.

    I am uncertain as to when I will arrive in Mansfield. I am an inefficient traveller; trip preparations proceed slowly. There is a Class of 1969 dinner on the evening of Tuesday, July 13th. I am motivated to be in Mansfield by then, because I don’t want to miss the dinner. Any meet up will happen after the 13th. My guess is that 1 PM on Wednesday, the 14th, or 1 PM on Thursday, the 15th, would work for me, to cite two times.

  4. fred2levins says:

    I dress casually when in Mansfield. I will be wearing a pair of shorts unless there is a cold wave.

    I don’t like to shop, so my shorts are old and showing their age a bit. I hope you can tolerate it.

  5. drenn1077 says:

    Thursday the 15th will work for us. We have a call coming in around that time on Wednesday. 1pm should be good, though usually we don’t drink coffee after noon. However, we work out in the mornings and this will give us plenty of time.

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