Disaster Averted… November 8, 2020

The world is celebrating. A crazy man has been thwarted from creating another Reich. Trump will not get a second term.

Now, just what could cause a man to behave so childishly, so foolishly? What do his creditors hold over him? Who are his puppet masters?

Notably, Russia is not happy. Is it their bidding that Trump has been carrying out? Will Trump now make haste to finish whatever goal they have assigned him? Is there any way to stop him?

Good grief, he exposed a lot of bigots, racists, and otherwise hate-filled people to a public airing. It is very disappointing to realize so many degenerates live next door, or in the state, or country. Trump received nearly 71,000,000 votes, meaning in effect, there were 71,000,000 people willing to surrender to a dictator, lose all freedoms, serve a madman. And for what?

Seems it was all for the purposes of returning to the days of yore when racism was rampant. Or was its thrust aimed at establishing a white supremacist nation? Was it an attempt to force religion upon all Americans? Some foolishly claim that it was for “draining the swamp”. How; By complete destruction of government and country. All in all, it was in reality an attempt to return to the Dark Ages.


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