You are Being Used… October 4, 2020

Is the United States going down? Despite the efforts of the GOP that has not been decided yet. Trump has used the GOP and religion in what has been a very successful effort to divide the nation. In the United States the glue that holds us together has never been very strong.

So many factions, so many different beliefs, it is surprising that the country has lasted this long. Will it become just another experiment that has failed? Are we now destined to become an authoritarian dictatorship led by a madman?

If he continues on his present path there will be much misery in the country’s future. He will remove Social Security and Medicare as he has promised. This will leave millions of Senior Americans with nothing and no where to go but the streets. He wants to eliminate unemployment and anything that they believe is the least bit socialist. In just a few years the United States will achieve third world status.

The total elimination of anything remotely considered socialist will eliminate fire departments, police departments, and public roads works. He means to develop a utopia … but only for the rich. Only the rich will be able to retire, travel, or even own property. He will take the vote away from all except the rich. A dictator dictates.

The country will become like it was during the Great Depression, only this time, Trump will ensure that there are no soup lines. He will make sure there is adequate prison space for the resisting population. Slavery will be the lot of those lacking wealth.

I am sure this is not what Right wants. They can’t seem to understand that they are being used as one might use stepping stones. They have become a means to the country’s end. Freedom and Liberty will become dirty words no one dare utter. Never have sheep acted so blindly against their own interests.

The best thing for America right now would be if Trump ceased to be. Yes, succumb to the virus “hoax”. Let it be so.

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