Why Religion Must Go… January 24, 2021

    A fervent believer considers his/her god the one and only. As a result, all other gods of other belief systems are looked upon as abominations. A religion expects a believer to support and spread its particular dogma. It usually condemns the followers of any other belief system as being lost souls headed toward a nasty fate. A truly fervent believer is therefore highly motivated to convert everyone… in order to “save” them. B

    In order to enforce the particular dogma of his/her belief system it most certainly would make things go easier if the government adopted the belief system and made life difficult for anyone not a member of the faith. If the government continually issued support to one particular belief system and the religion chosen displayed prominently in every locale, as constant reinforcement of the dogma, people would be less likely to oppose it.

    This is why Christians have since day one of the United States claim it was founded on their religion. This is why they fought so hard to keep the Republican Party in office. This is why a near insurrection occurred this month.

    In the end it was clear… the Evangelicals were hoping to force the entire nation to bed knee to their particular concept of a god… at the point of a gun.

    The Islamic religion is feared for this reason. This insurrection is a reminder to all that Christian fundamentalism is every bit as dangerous and to be feared just as much.

    Remember, a religion is not a race, it is not racist to oppose religions. It is not bigotry to possess a fear of what religion is capable of.

    Beware of incrementalism, when a law is adopted now, or later, and little by little you soon find yourself a living in a country ruled by a specific belief system. Even now the right is pushing change in order to strengthen religion’s strangle hold upon the nation.

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