Why Planet Earth is Doomed… August 23, 2020

In short: diversity.

The very thing many would thought would be beneficial may cause human demise.

There are myriad cultures with many different belief systems and levels of sophistication. Many peoples are extremely poor and struggle with even the everyday needs for staying alive.

Whereas individually a group might work together within itself to reach a goal, there are many groups, each working in differing directions. Each group being homogeneous within itself.

Our planet is in trouble, but even through international negotiations determining a plan that all agree to seems doomed.

This county wants to “catch up” technologically before it makes needed cuts. Another country dismisses the urgency of the matter. Yet another denies there is a  problem. Everyone is afraid of being taken advantage of and dominated by others. Petty? I think so, in the matter humans are facing, the relevance, the importance, the dire consequences if they do nothing.

One administration makes concessions to meet targets. The next administration, motivated solely by profit nixes the agreement. When even just one country is so divided no plan of action can be initiated, there are many, many countries, each believing its own way is the correct way.

Like a boat in the water the world goes this way for a while, but then turns back or goes in another direction altogether. In the end nothing is done and the world cruises inexorably towards an unhappy ending.

Anyone else need a ticket to some other world?


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